RSVP Number Creation Page

This is the RSVP Number Creation Page. Here you will be able to create or delete RSVP numbers that are connected to voice mailboxes. You will have access to each of your clients’ mailbox settings, such as their passwords, optional Caller ID, time zone, audio file preference and you will be able to edit their voicemail to email forwarding address at anytime. You can connect a shared toll free number with a 2-6 digit wedding code to each mailbox or you can order a dedicated toll free or local number area code of your choice.

Fully Customizable Menu Options

This is a Custom Phone Menu. You will be able to login and create a customized menu to your specific needs. As you can see, at the top of this screenshot image, this main menu has 5 routing options the caller will hear. Callers will have the option to press keys 1-5 on the main menu. You will be able to set up more key options and even sub-menus if you like. This screenshot shows that pressing 2 on the main menu has been set up by the client to play a recorded message that announces driving directions for wedding guests to follow.

Ring Group Page

If you want to give callers the option of speaking with you, you can by creating a ring group. Your ring group can ring one number or multiple numbers. When callers press a key that is set up to ring you, as shown in the screenshot, you can specify what type of music on hold to play. When you answer the line, your clients will know it’s a wedding guest or you will know it’s a business call, because you will be instructed to press 1 to accept the call.

Detailed Billing Report

You can generate a detailed billing report in the user portal. It will list each time your credit or debit card is charged for adding prepaid funds. This may come in handy for accounting purposes. The most recent transactions will be listed on the Balance Page. You can also perform a search for specific transactions using keywords.