“Hello, this is Emily. Thank you for calling the RSVP line for our upcoming wedding event held at the Wisdom Center.

  • If you’re able to attend our wedding, press 1.
  • If you need driving instructions press 2.
  • If you would like to be transferred to speak with me or my fiance Todd, press 3.
  • To repeat these menu options, press 4.
  • Please make your selection now. Thank you”.


A Great Idea !


The script above is an example of how RSVP Resource can be utilized by your wedding clients. We have basic and advanced services. To read and listen to more examples of service, Click Here. RSVP Resource is a tool for wedding planners to simplify RSVP for their clients. RSVP Resource presents the easiest and most inexpensive way to track who’s coming to your client’s event. By using a toll-free voicemail number to handle RSVP, there is no need to have guests mail back time consuming RSVP cards. Toll free voice mail is much quicker than waiting for a response by postal mail. If you like, we can also give you a number with your area code. We have area codes in almost all the major U.S. cities and many suburban areas as well. Guests can RSVP at anytime, anywhere with a landline or mobile phone. Guests will call in and RSVP in as little as 1 minute. Your clients can login to their RSVP Resource number from any touch tone phone to retrieve RSVP messages.

Your clients can receive a better response rate utilizing the convenience of a toll-free number as opposed to postal mail or the internet. With RSVP Resource there is no need for your clients’ guests to learn any unfamiliar internet RSVP procedures. Providing alternate ways to RSVP helps plenty. You can count on voicemail! Simply have your clients place their RSVP Resource number on their invitations or RSVP cards and they’ll get the information they need to prepare for the upcoming event.

Reliable and Cost-Effective


The RSVP Resource voicemail service will answer for your clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our services are also very inexpensive. We offer unlimited usage with no per minute fees on all of our services. Also, to make things easier, we now deliver all new RSVP voicemail messages to your clients’ email address with a .wav or .mp3 audio file attachment. RSVP messages arrive in their email within 5 minutes, allowing them to hear the beautiful voices of guests who are happy to attend the wedding. This voicemail to email delivery feature is free of charge.

RSVP Resource offers discounted rates exclusively for wedding planners. These discounted rates are low enough to make a profit by selling the service to your clients.

We offer a 7 day Free Trial Service. You will have the option to set up a no risk, Free Trial Service during the sign up process. The Free Trial Service enables full account access for 7 days. There’s no costs or obligation when setting up the free trial.