Toll Free or Local Number With Your Area Code.

An RSVP Resource membership comes with one toll free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833 number with a 4 digit wedding code or extension number. An RSVP Resource Membership also comes with one dedicated toll free number with no 4 digit wedding code or extension number. You can configure this dedicated toll free number to ring into any mailbox or main menu you want it to. You also have the freedom to assign it a string of new extension numbers or wedding codes if you like. Your RSVP Resource membership also comes with 1 voice mailbox. To help keep costs low, your RSVP Resource membership allows unlimited minute usage. There are no per minute fees with any of our call forwarding, toll free or local area code services. If you resell the service to wedding clients or other entrepreneurs, for a small monthly fee, you can add more mailboxes in the future. For pricing details click here.

Call Forwarding.

This is an optional feature that’s offered with advanced services. For example, callers can be transferred to a live person if they wish to speak to the soon to be bride or groom. This feature can also be used on your main menu if you’re a wedding business that accepts incoming calls from customers. These call forwarding numbers can be used as basic call forwarding numbers and they can also be used in customized ring groups that ring multiple numbers. There are no per minute fees with call forwarding numbers. Your RSVP Resource monthly or annual membership comes with 1 call forwarding number free of charge.

Voicemail to Email Delivery.

Each time a guest calls your client’s RSVP number and leaves their RSVP, our system will automatically deliver the message to your client’s email address. They will then hear the voices of guests who are happy to attend their wedding.

No Busy Signals.

The service can handle multiple callers simultaneously and is up 24 hours day. There are no busy signals. Each RSVP your clients receive is important information to help them plan their wedding. RSVP Resource ensures that each and every guest will get through and leave their RSVP.

Wide Coverage Area.

We have local number area codes in almost all the major U.S. cities and plenty of suburban areas as well. Chances are good that we do carry the area code your clients are looking for. However, the most popular area codes for our RSVP numbers has been toll free numbers.

Up to a 3 Minute RSVP Announcement.

This is the greeting your client’s guests will hear when they dial your RSVP number. This is where they’ll request RSVP information from them, such as whether or not they will attend, how many people they will bring, and if they like, they can ask what type of food they prefer to eat.

Up to a 3 Minute RSVP Message.

This is the message callers will leave after hearing your request to RSVP. They will have up to 3 minutes to include the requested information. After the guest leave their information, the message will be automatically delivered to the client’s email address or they can listen to the message by logging in through their touch tone or mobile phone.

Caller ID.

Each time a message is delivered to your client’s email address, the email will include the caller ID of the person that left the message. Each message they check through their touch tone or mobile phone will announce the caller ID of the person that left the message before their message is played to them.

Large Message Storage Capacity.

Our RSVP mailboxes can store up to 100 messages.